We have been ‘patients’ of Wanneroo Vets since coming to Australia 32 years ago when Bruce was young, like us, and the surgery was the old wooden shack.  We have been extremely lucky in our vets in the UK and in Aus, but I have to say if pushed that nothing compares with the service we have received with our English Bullterriers and our Cats etc, with the service and animal treatment we have received at what we still call ‘Bruce’s place’.

Our sons have also followed in our footsteps and use your clinic for their pets whenever they have a chance – they live at various distances from you now, e.g.  40 Kms, 60 Kms, 4000Kms,  but they all still agree that your surgery and whole operation is the best there is.

We only have Casper our white cat left now out of our pets and he will probably be the last one, but we will always be extremely grateful for the kind treatment and care that our animals have received at your clinic over the years.

Keith and Christine Darley



What a fabulous bunch of caring people. I’m happy to entrust my pets’ care to you all.‬‬

‪Muriel Nally‬‪



‪I’ve entrusted my family of furry friends to you since you opened your doors… a long time ago! You’re the best‬

Kaz Jones‬‬‪



You guys are the best. I wouldn’t go anywhere else‬

Janet Narrier‬‬‪



Fabulous vets. We are so glad we found you. We would definitely recommend you‬.

‪Clare D’Souza‬‬‪



Fantastic vets, have been seeing Dr Bruce forever :-), since the late 1980’s. I wouldn’t go anywhere else‬.

‪Roberta Stabler‬‬‪



Wonderful and caring Vets and Nurses. Thank you‬!

‪Amanda Higgo‬‬‪



I have to say, THE best Vets ! Such lovely people and so kind and compassionate to the animals as well as the owners. We appreciate you all.

‪Dianne Halls‬‬‪