Vet Surgery

Vet Surgery

Wanneroo Veterinary Hospital Vet Surgery

At Wanneroo Veterinary Hospital, our surgeons are qualified and experienced to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures. We deal we procedures ranging from simple soft-tissue surgery to more complex internal procedures and orthopaedic surgery. Because cats and dogs can suffer from a myriad of complaints for which vet surgery is the remedy, our experienced veterinarians are able to evaluate your pet and advise you on what would be the most appropriate course of action.


Common examples of how your pets keep our surgeons busy includes:

  • the Labrador puppy that has swallowed a golf ball
  • broken bones suffered in a motor vehicle accident
  • knee “reconstructions” following cruciate ligament rupture, and even
  • surgery to treat cancer


We pride ourselves in what we do. We have the ability to assess our patients and take the most appropriate action, with a thorough and detailed explanation of what to expect for our understandably concerned owners. Also, we have access to Perth’s most experienced specialist surgeons via referral, should a surgical procedure be outside the scope and experience of our veterinarians.