Digital Radiography


Radiography (or X-Rays, as they are more commonly known), are an essential tool in a veterinarian’s arsenal of diagnostic aids. From assessing broken bones, to investigating internal problems such as ingested foreign bodies, heart disease or even cancer, radiography remains a mainstay in a diagnostic work-up of a patient. We have a state-of-the-art digital X-ray unit at Wanneroo Veterinary Hospital, which provides us with cutting-edge quality radiographs, enabling our Vets to make a diagnosis quickly, efficiently and accurately.


So, what is the benefit to you and your pet? Well, Digital processing allows X-rays to be processed in a matter of seconds, compared with conventional (read, old fashioned) developing techniques. This ensures that your pet’s x-rays can be performed quickly and efficiently, which lessens their time under general anaesthesia. The image quality is far superior, ensuring more accurate diagnosis and assessment. The images can also be quickly forwarded on to radiology specialists in the case of subtle or more obscure disorders.