Hot Weather Hazards


A late start to summer it certainly was, but the weather has warmed up now as it always does in Perth.The hot weather always comes with some challenging situations to look out for.


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1. Heat Stroke : This is a big one – this can affect any dog exerting themeselves on a sweltering day, but it can strike some dogs on days that aren’t THAT hot too. Staffordshire bull terriers, Bulldogs, Boxers, and indeed any overweight or brachycephalic breeds are deemed more “at-risk”. This can be a life-threatening conditon in extreme cases caused by a dog’s inability to keep their body temperature under control. Symptoms include collapse, excessive panting, drooling and harsh breathing sounds.


  1. Walk your dogs in the COOL of the morning or evening;
  2. Take collapsible water bowls and know where you can get access to cool fresh water. Taking water with you is a good idea.
  3. When its a REAL stinker of a day, ask yourself – is it really necessary to go out in that heat? The cricket’s on. Stay indoors!
  4. If you suspect that your dog has developed heat stroke, throw a wet towel over them and get them to the vet hospital as qucikly as possible



2. Hot Feet : A general rule of thumb – If the tarmac is too hot for you to walk around in barefeet, then its likely that it is too hot for your cat or dog as well. It is true that cats and dogs have specialised pads on their feet but we treat local pad injuries and burns every summer, so bare that in mind if you plan a long walk on the burning sidewalk.


3. Hot Cars : An obvious one but worth drawing attention to again – the temperature in a locked car on a hot day can reach worrying levels so so so quickly, its scary. Never leave your dog in the car without adequate ventilation and if there is any doubt, you MUST take them out with you or again, consider leaving them at home.